A Sublime Plugin that allow you run a HTTP Server in SublimeText 2, and serves all the open project folders in Sublime

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What SublimeServer can do? It can serves all the open project folders in Sublime, also the sub-floders and files in it, convenience for test you static html pages. Screenshot

System Tested

SublimeServer has been test on Mac OS X 10.7+, Windows XP+ and linux.


Install with Package Control

If you're using wbond's sublime package control, that's the easy way to install SublimeServer, I strongly recommend you use package control to install SublimeServer, it will auto update when a new version SublimeServer is available.

  1. Call out the Sublime Command Palette with Ctrl+Shift+P or Command+Shift+P, type Install Package and return Install Package
  2. Now input SublimeServer and return, now SublimeServer will auto install Install SublimeServer

Using git

  1. cd to your Sublime packages folder, don't know where is it? Open Sublime and choose Preferences -> Browser Packages, yeah, here is it!
  2. $ git clone git://
  3. Done!

Using archive file

  1. Open Sublime and choose Preferences -> Browser Packages.
  2. Extract the archive file here, you'll get a folder named SublimeServer, and now it works.

How to use

Change Log

0.3.3 - Mar 6, 2016

0.3.2 - Oct 12, 2014

0.3.1 - Jun 1, 2014

Add Sublime Text 3 support.

0.2.1 - Aug 31, 2012


0.2.0 - Jul 20, 2012

Bug fix:


0.1.2 - Jun 28, 2012

Bug fix:


0.1.0 - Jun 02, 2012

SublimeServer can basically use

Know issues: